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A new world, a Chanel world

 So turning 25 made me stop and think that maybe, just maybe I should stop spending all my money on clothes and shoes and then complain that my foundation (bought in the supermarket) is making my skin too dry. I decided that the time came to invest in good products, specially those in such close contact with the skin in my face. I started to think about my necessities, such has having a foundation that is "user friendly", and by this I mean a foundation that wouldn't feel heavy on my face (something I really hate), that would last most of the day without melting away and that would be right for my skin type wich is the typical combination skin, normal in most areas except the T-zone that gets shinny throughout the day.

After being aware of my needs I started to research the products that existed that had everything I needed and were in my price range. To choose a specific product I started to read a lot of beauty blogs and vlogs so that I could find out their reviews of their favorite products. This was extremely useful because I started to reach the conclusion that most of these true experts had the same opinion about the best foundations to a combination skin.

The Chanel Perfection Lumiére was one of the most praised in the reviews so I decided to try out this one. When I arrived at the store and after expressing all my concearns regarding the selection of a foundation the employee told me that the Chanel Lumiére Velvet would do the same job and it actually costs less.

After she applied it on my face I was in love with the natural powdery matte finish it gave (has promissed) without hiding the natural glow of the skin. It's not a full coverage foundation but that's not what I was looking for anyway. However I was still fixed on trying out the much talked about Chanel Perfection Lumiére wich I did the next day and found no difference at all between the two, the same finish, the same lightweight feeling on my skin and the same durability. I still have to apply a little bit of powder in the T-zone just to prevent any shine but besides that I'm trully happy with my choice.

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