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I have a confession to make

image via Pinterest
 YOUTUBE is becoming one of my favorite social networks.
Two things stand out for me, beauty vloggers (yes, Vloggers not Bloggers) and daily vloggers


Make-up tutorials can be the best way to learn techniques and discover new looks you can wear and product reviews can be truly decisive in my decision to purchase a make-up product. There are many beauty vloggers but I tend to watch these girls:


There are all kinds of daily vloggers and I started watching those that have the most followers but now there is only one I follow daily: Casey Neistat. I recommend Casey vlogs because he is a true movie maker and his life philosofie is inspiring and it's the "kick in the a**" that I sometimes need. Just so you have an idea he has a tatoo that says "DO MORE" and his favorite day of the week is Monday and his least favorite is Friday. What is more interesting is that he has worked with Us Vogue a couple of times and I hope there are more collaborations in the future, meanwhile check out these videos:

Casey Neistat Has No Business Being at the Met Gala - Vogue

Instagirl: Karlie Kloss - Vogue

Life Explained in 27 Seconds


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Will this be the one?

Will this be my first Michael Kors bag, I hope so, they nailed everything I wanted in a bag for the next fall. 

A special place

So I just showed you some of my favorite collections from the Resort 2016 season but I have to admit that some looks have a special place in my heart.
First things firts, let's talk abou Gucci, I'm obsessed with the "retro-coolness" they presented us with in their show.

All I can hope is that this means the beret is back, we've seen the return of the turbant and the fedora now it's time for the french classic to make a come back.

Resort 2016

Check out the upcoming trends report from I'm loving the bold flower prints, the flared pants, the off-the-shoulder and the return of the head-to-toe pink look (I gotta say I've missed pink...)

These are my favorite looks from the resort collections




Marc Jacobs


Giambattista Valli

Emilio Pucci

Acne Studios

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Drooling over...

This isn't a matter of craving this is more serious... The color, the bamboo handle, the tasseled ties... We should be together. 



Daphne Groeneveld photographed by Greg Kadel
Numero Magazine June/July 2015

This just in...

The designer duo Mansur Gavriel are launching a clothing and shoe line. This seems promissing since every bag they design sells-out in an instant. The expectations will be high so they'll have to rise to the ocasion. I think they will be ok. 


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Culottes, cool or not?


This style of pants are a bonefied way to "coolify" your outfit. They are here to replace the "midi skirt" from the closets of fashionistas. Fools are those who believe that these pants can only work if you're as tall as a tree and as slim as a branch, not true! It's all about pro-por-tion! If you're not that tall you can still wear the culotte you just have to be aware of two things:
- where the hem hits you
- the shoes you're wearing

First, the hem can't be so long that you loose most of your leg, the shorter it is the better it looks. Shorter girls won't be able to wear their cullotes of-the-rack, they'll have to take their pants to the seamstress to shorten them.
Second, try to wear heels, I repeat, TRY to wear heels, it gives you height, makes your legs look longer and there's nothing wrong about that.... well there is... heels suck in the day-to-day life and the culottes should be worn everyday so you can and should try to introduce specific flats to this look, just choose those that don't cover your feet so that you show the most skin possible.

p.s - I have bought these pants, I'm short and I've worn mine with sneakers so... nevermind fuck these rules.

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V is for...


I couldn't help but share this Valentino street-style gallery that put together. 
It doesn't get better than this.