terça-feira, 3 de março de 2015

Turn up the lights in here baby...

This product will most likely never leave my make-up bag now that I´ve discovered it.

I'm one of those people that never really understood the importance of having an illuminator and that most of the times tought that the glow that some of the celebrities had in the red carpet pictures was a result of having an amazing skin and sometimes photoshop. Well, both of there things are true but the it is also true that the use of a good illuminator makes wonders. I was looking for this type of product but never really felt that I found the one perfect for me, either they were too shiny or the base color was to pink or white and the glow wasn't didn't match my skin color. Again, I decided to consult the beauty blogs and see what was their favorite product to bring light to the face.

Aparently the MAC Mineralize Skinfish in the color "Soft and Gentle" is a sort of "god" in the illuminators world. It's almost always sold-out but I was lucky to find it and I gotta say it really is light in powder form and even though it's very pigmented and shiny the result is as soft and gentle as promissed.

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