quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

PARIS FASHION WEEK Spring 2015 // Armani Privé

Mr. Armani problably doesn't know how to make ugly clothes, I imagine that even if he tried he would fail miserably. 
This collection has a very strong asian influence, from the traditional japanese silhouettes with the belted kimonos to the bamboo prints and bamboo runway. The soft pastel color sugest some tranquility and serenety to this collection that resignates with the Armani woman, one can only hope to become one some day.

quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

New in...

When I first saw this coat I honestly thought I wouldn't have a chance in hell to have it, first it was too expensive for a faux leather coat that doesn't protect you at all from the cold and second because I thought everyone would love it has much has I did and it would be sold out by the first week. Well, it's not yet sold-out (everyone must have lost their minds, it's the only plausible explanation) and the price is very, very reduced wich means that ... It's mine. It's a badass coat that makes me feel like I'm in the 70's fighting crime along side Shaft (very old Tv series reference) or something when I wear it ...


So I really don't know where to beguin... Couture week is by far my favorite fashion week. I dare say that seeing one of these shows in person in first row is on my bucket list, not because of the status associated with being seated in that row among major fashion icons and celebrities but because I would be able to apreciate every detail and details are what couture is all about. When I was in London I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and was able to see couture pieces in person and the experience was so special that I had chills with some of the dresses.

These last four days in spite of the beautiful weather outside I found myself stuck at home babysitting my new friend/homewrecker/puppy/cuttest thing on earth and that gave me time to see every show so far. I feel overwelmed with so many outstandingly beautiful things to behold. Like Freddie Mercury sings, it´s a kind of magic,

Christian Dior // Armani Privé // Chanel // Gianbattista Valli

segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015

PARIS FASHION WEEK Spring 2015 // Atelier Versace

It all starts with Atelier Versace with fully dressed women in fitted tailleurs with amazing flare pants that made me wish I had the hight that allows you to rock this style of pants. Slowly introducing volume  and cutouts, the female body starts to appear and the Versace woman starts to take shape. The color palette is strong but unnapeling to me, black, white, royal blue and red, this only makes sense if the Versace house is unapologetically trying to appeal to the "all american" woman. Not much more can be said about this collection that to me doesn't have the appeal of a couture show.

The "power suit" with flare pants

Belts, huge belts

and...  transparecies and cutouts that show off the body has only Versace woman can.


sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

Any similarity is pure coincidence

"Village of the Damned" / 1995


"Commune" by Mikael Jansson
Interview Magazine
February 2015

Sneak peek

So Zara is not yet revealing all of the tricks up its sleeve but we can catch some glimpses of what's to come in some of the pictures. This is what I've found and loved, i'll be thoroughly searching for the knit light pink pants and the gladiator sandals.

Pre-fall // Alexander McQueen

quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

Denim moments

image - harpersbazaar.com

Anna Ewers

Even models looks are cyclic, thats why is not so surprising that models like Anna Ewers are IN. This Bardot look-a-like is the face of many Spring 2015 campaigns (Marc Jacobs / Alexander Wang Denim) and pretty much walks in every runway of the major fashion weeks.

Spring 2015 // H&M

I have to admit that H&M is not on the top of my list of brands when I go shopping, the main reason is that most of the times I love the design of the clothes but hate the fabrics or hate the display of the clothes. They rely too much on bad polyesters and, on top of that, most of the times the clothes are not ironed  and that makes them look cheap. In the last two years I noticed that they are trying to reach other audiences by creating premium quality products, by continuing to develop the concept of a sustainable style and by trying to conquer a place in high fashion with their "Studio" line that is presented in NYFW, and with their successful collaborations with well known designers. This imense effort is having great results, the Hennes & Mauritz group is increasing their earnings every year, trying to rival with the giant Inditex but not yet succeding. While the battle continues, we can enjoy the special touch that the sweedish tend to have in their designs and this Spring collection is well representative of that.

quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015


Anna Ewers by Daniel Jackson
Vogue Uk February 2015

Spring 2015 // Bimba y Lola

Most people only notice Bimba y Lola for their SML (small leather goods) and bags, the clothes are most of the times neglected, problably because they can be very expensive and sometimes too unconventional. Maybe this collection will change their minds. I'll have to wait for the third sales to purchase one of these items but I garantee that at least one of the bodysuits will be mine.

terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

Spring 2015 // Zara

The new collections for Spring have arrived and I'm already obsessing over these beauties from Zara. The cargo/military vest will be mine for sure, it's the perfect statement piece that works with pretty much everything in my closet.

Street style

Berlin Fashion Week

image - Style.com

segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015


Nice twenty something brunette girl, loves long walks on the beach, eating breakfast in bed and organizing her closet, is looking for the perfect denim mini for Spring, if you find it please dial 961 *** ***.

Denim for Spring

This belongs in my closet.

\\ M by Missoni //

quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2015

This must be love!

Zara SS15

Valentino Pre-fall 2015

Pre-fall colecttions are here and this one is very special to me.
I've said it before, the designers behind Valentino have resurrected the house. They brought a much needed fantasy quality that combined with the classical beauty that defines the Valentino style resulted in amazing collections, one after another with no exception. I would be the proud owner of pretty much every piece of the collection, from the printed high boots to the denim culotte shorts, if my budget allowed it :( very sad face