quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015


This week my cravings are all about make up. I've been obsessing over beauty youtubers, especially Kathleenlights. She's really funny and her tutorials and reviews are really good, she has an amazing make up collection.

Here are some products that I will purchase in the following weeks, they have to be mine!!

1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation - I heard some amaaazing reviews about this foundation and I've tryed it out and it does seem to be perfect. It's not as heavy as the normal HD and it's not matte, it's very natural. It's a big investement but it will last almost all winter since I'm not a foundation addict.

2. REAL TECHNIQUES Setting Brush, a great little brush to set your concealer with some powder.

3. ZOEVA 105 Luxe Highlight, I can't believe I still don't have this brush, it will blend my highlighter like heaven.

4. SEPHORA Blush in N.º2 - So Shy, the perfect nude pink natural blush for everyday.

5. M.A.C Powder Blush in Peony Petal, it's a bright blue pink blush that intrigues me, the color is so diferent and I hope that applied very lightly it will make the perfect romantic make up look.

6. L'ORÉAL Le Blush Accord Perfect in Terre de Sienne, a warmer pink for winter.

7. BOBBI BROWN  Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose, this product is so beautiful and you can wear it like a blush or a highlighter, it's a best seller and I can see why.

segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

New in...

H&M recently launched a new Beauty line that looks amazing. The first time I saw it was at the VFNO but there were so many people surrounding the make up displays that I decided to choose a less busy day to explore all the products, despite all the confusion I managed to fall in love with these two eye shadows. 
Sunday I returned to the store and purchased the two eyeshadows I loved and a crease blending brush that is smaller and denser than the one I have from Zoeva, it's perfect to define the crease and the quality seems really good. The eyeshadows are as good as they are beautiful, the pigmentation is really rich and the texture is very creamy. The blushes look beautiful but I'm still traumatized by H&M powder products from the previous beauty line, they gave me the worst rash and I'm not prone to that, hopefully they changed the formula.

Ginger Snap  /  Urban Jungle

quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

5 things


I'm not a huge Topshop buyer because there are types of clothes that I still prefer to try out before buying and for now Topshop is only available online in Portugal. You can't argue that they have some pretty awesome clothes and accessories. 
These are 5 things I would buy but there are like 500 more I would take home in a heart beat. The shirt has an amazing color and retro print, the bag is also a retro staple essencial for this season. The boots, well the boots are just a dream. They are Gucci inspired, like these one's from Zara, but I think this color makes them more special. This skirt is the perfect fit for those big, chunky sweaters. Finally,the trench is present in every fall collection from every brand, I already bought one from H&M and I love it but this faded yellow one should also live in my closet.

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

NYFW #Alexanderwang

Ten years have passed since the eternal kid started showing his work on the runways, season after season his brand grew and was consolidated, then he started to take other risks like being the head designer for the french powerhouse Balenciaga and designing a collection for a major high street brand, H&M for those hiding from the world.

Now he's taking another risk, the risk of not being able to deal with his dismissal from Balenciaga, I always felt that this venture wasn't meant to be, it felt unnatural, the Balenciaga brand and Alexander Wang were two opposites that didn't attract each other, the exception to the rule.

Well, let's not pitty Wang because as you can see from his SS16 collection, the kid is talented.
He can always surprise you and entice you to his state of mind, I immediately want to bring back all those clothes I had from the late 90's early 00's, from the patchwork leather and denim jacket, the white tees, the hip-hop references, the style mix-match with lace slip dresses paired with sneakers and bomber jackets.

It's all gonna be OK kid.

terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

Cookies suck

Cookies can be bad for your health, all types of cookies, the ones that have chocolate chips and the ones on the internet that make you feel like you're being stalked by websites. The web cookies are bad for your health because they don't let you forget the things that you browse on shops and that you don't buy. This time I'm being followed by these beauties, the GOLDEN GOOSE sneakers.
I'm always browsing these sneakers in the hopes of finding good discounts because they are not on the cheap side.

You can find them here.

What would you wear?

There is a fun game us girls like to play to kill time, what would you wear to...?  A work interview with Anna Wintour at Vogue, your wedding, the Oscars, a major fashion week and so on...

In honor of the New York Fashion Week I'll start with this question, if money and major connections with designers and brands were not an issue, what would you wear to attend the shows?

This is my look, show me yours!

Dress  /  H&M Studio collection
Sunglasses  /  CHLOÉ
Sandals  /  MIU MIU
Bag  /  CHLOÈ
Bracelet  /  FINN Jewelry

segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2015

NYFW #Givenchy

So NYFW is well underway and I'm trying to catch up with every show. I had a very slow weekend so I was able to take a peek at pretty much every show so far, includding the video from the most anticipated Givenchy show, this time the french house crossed the atlantic to showcase another emotional collection straight from Tisci's dramatic heart.

It was truly a show, in charge of the concept was the highly regarded Marina Abramovic. I wasn't there, obviously, but those who were felt involved by the athmosphere created wich honored the tragedy that struck the city and the world fourteen years ago.

Intentions aside, the clothes weren't overstaged by the complexity of the show, they stood up on their own. Black and white ruled the runway as well as the 90's silhouettes. Shift dresses, strapped tops a romantic touch of lace and tailored pant suits. The higlight of the show were the amazing feathered gowns and face jewerly. Riccardo Tisci's work is reaching new hights and engraving his vision in our minds and hearts, a sincerely touching show.

NYFW #streetstyle

NYFW updates coming soon, meanwhile check out some of my favorite street style looks taken from Vogue.com.

sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2015


The time has come for the fashion community to break down our style era in two moments: the B.S.S (Before Stan Smith) and the A.S.S. (After Stan Smith). Right now we're in a transition period, the Stan Smith is still the sneaker you have to own, that you can wear with every look and in every ocasion but fashionistas are looking to the future. Everywhere in the world the  and are trying to gather some clues about the next product that will ressurect from the ashes and conquer the feet of the fashion world. 

Wanna have a guess with me?

*no pun intended

H&M Studio FW15

This Studio collection is a breath of fresh air in the fast fashion world. Great design, complex materials and a matching price. These are not your 9.99€ pieces of clothes but I think they are worth it. I'm obsessed with this bomber jacket and the flared twill green pants seem to have potential.

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2015

New in...

The overalls trend has been here for a few seasons but I'm still not over overalls no shame.

 ZARA everything

segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

My thing

I confess, my love of Fall-Winter clothes supasses my love for the beach or for the summer season in general. I do loveeee to "fry-up" in the sun, bathe in the ocean, wear simple dresses, flat sandals and forget about the meaning of the word "coat". That's all very nice but when the fall collections hit the stores I immediately want to start wearing them even if the weather still doesn't allow me to wear a nice leather coat with multiple layers underneath and a cool pair of boots without melting away. I do love the simplicity that summer looks bring to the table but I think winter is my thing. You could argue that maybe the same thing happens to me in the peak of the cold season when summer dresses pop-up in stores but that doens't happen. I dont't get the same urgent feeling to start wearing pastels or flower prints. 

All of this to tell you that I've put away most of my sandals and welcomed back my boots.

Winter is coming

Lily Donaldson shot by Emma Summerton for Vogue Japan October 2015