quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015


So I really don't know where to beguin... Couture week is by far my favorite fashion week. I dare say that seeing one of these shows in person in first row is on my bucket list, not because of the status associated with being seated in that row among major fashion icons and celebrities but because I would be able to apreciate every detail and details are what couture is all about. When I was in London I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and was able to see couture pieces in person and the experience was so special that I had chills with some of the dresses.

These last four days in spite of the beautiful weather outside I found myself stuck at home babysitting my new friend/homewrecker/puppy/cuttest thing on earth and that gave me time to see every show so far. I feel overwelmed with so many outstandingly beautiful things to behold. Like Freddie Mercury sings, it´s a kind of magic,

Christian Dior // Armani Privé // Chanel // Gianbattista Valli

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