quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

Spring 2015 // H&M

I have to admit that H&M is not on the top of my list of brands when I go shopping, the main reason is that most of the times I love the design of the clothes but hate the fabrics or hate the display of the clothes. They rely too much on bad polyesters and, on top of that, most of the times the clothes are not ironed  and that makes them look cheap. In the last two years I noticed that they are trying to reach other audiences by creating premium quality products, by continuing to develop the concept of a sustainable style and by trying to conquer a place in high fashion with their "Studio" line that is presented in NYFW, and with their successful collaborations with well known designers. This imense effort is having great results, the Hennes & Mauritz group is increasing their earnings every year, trying to rival with the giant Inditex but not yet succeding. While the battle continues, we can enjoy the special touch that the sweedish tend to have in their designs and this Spring collection is well representative of that.

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