terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

Shopping madness

Black Friday is a huge thing in Portugal, since last year. The last time I pretty much lost my head and shopped in three different Zara's and online. This time it was very different, I had a small list of things I wanted to buy and I was able to visit the stores I wanted early in the morning, avoiding most of the madness and hysteria. 

I'm over these marketing strategies that end up creating anxiety and hysteria among customers. I'm all about discounts but I don't want to go through all of this to get a pair of boots and a dress. 

That said, I went shopping the day before black friday and KIKO had jumped the gun and started their "3 for 3" campaing. I bought six items and only paid for three. Since it was the thursday before the Black-Friday stores were empty and displays full of products. Lucky me!

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