quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

#Pre-fall 2016

Pre-fall 2016 is here and this "pre-season" is one of the most important for fashion houses, these collections are responsible for most of the sales and they stay in stores for a long time.

 I haven't been a fan of previous Chanel presentations, too excessive, too much show-off and too little design. My theory is that the spectacle is meant to divert ou attention from the flimsy clothes.

This Métiers d’Art collection is presented in different locations every year and this time was no different, the collection was shown in the black and white streets of Paris built in Rome, strange? Yes, but the allusion to the city of light was mandatory given the circumstances.

Once again the show was set and the models walked the runway but this time there was a different mood, a darker, cooler Chanel girl. The models hair and make-up looked a little like 80's groupies and that was a perfect contrast for the 40's Austrian vibe felt in some of the lacy dresses and wool suits.

Do I love some of these looks? Yes. Will they be stuck in my head for a long, long time? No... but I feel a change in the air for Chanel.

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