segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

My thing

I confess, my love of Fall-Winter clothes supasses my love for the beach or for the summer season in general. I do loveeee to "fry-up" in the sun, bathe in the ocean, wear simple dresses, flat sandals and forget about the meaning of the word "coat". That's all very nice but when the fall collections hit the stores I immediately want to start wearing them even if the weather still doesn't allow me to wear a nice leather coat with multiple layers underneath and a cool pair of boots without melting away. I do love the simplicity that summer looks bring to the table but I think winter is my thing. You could argue that maybe the same thing happens to me in the peak of the cold season when summer dresses pop-up in stores but that doens't happen. I dont't get the same urgent feeling to start wearing pastels or flower prints. 

All of this to tell you that I've put away most of my sandals and welcomed back my boots.

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