quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

5 things


I'm not a huge Topshop buyer because there are types of clothes that I still prefer to try out before buying and for now Topshop is only available online in Portugal. You can't argue that they have some pretty awesome clothes and accessories. 
These are 5 things I would buy but there are like 500 more I would take home in a heart beat. The shirt has an amazing color and retro print, the bag is also a retro staple essencial for this season. The boots, well the boots are just a dream. They are Gucci inspired, like these one's from Zara, but I think this color makes them more special. This skirt is the perfect fit for those big, chunky sweaters. Finally,the trench is present in every fall collection from every brand, I already bought one from H&M and I love it but this faded yellow one should also live in my closet.

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