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Like I wrote here a few times, I'm NOT a beauty blogger. In fact, about six months ago makeup was not on my priority list, I wear it everyday since I was about fifteen but I only had products that were essencial for me not to look like a walking-dead character. 
Recently I started paying more attention to this whole new world and now, only now, makeup and beauty products have become an obsession. I watch a lot of tutorials and reviews on youtube and I read a ton of beauty blogs and I can now say I'm starting to become an expert yeah right. Ok, maybe not an expert but I can say that my makeup looks are improving and sometimes I feel really proud of the result and that's what matters. 
These are some of the products that I'm using or that I've heard great things from beauty bloggers or youtubers

The POREfessional Face Primer / BENEFIT
Base Lissante Smoothing Primer / SEPHORA

This is the first product that should go on your face, besides your skin care routine. The primer, like the name hints, is the base for all your makeup, and helps it look smoother and last longer. I own these two products and I admit I LOVE Benefit's POREfessional but the Sephora primer also works very well. I don't wear primer every single day, only when I need my makeup to stay put all day or at night time. It makes all the difference, it's a must have!!

This was one of the first makeup products that I sarted to wear and the one that has the most potential to ruin your look. 
Foundation should make your skin look healthier and flawless, no more no less. The two most important rules when it comes to foundation is that it should be your exact skin tone and the formula has to suit your skin type, or the product will work against  you.

You can choose between a foundation that offers you light, medium or high coverage. In my opinion if you don't have acne scars or very noticeable discoloration problems you should always choose a light coverage foundation. Once again, less is more when it comes to this product.

Pro Longwear Concealer - M.A.C

I don't wear foundation to go to the supermarket or to the movies but I ALWAYS wear concealer. It's the best way to fake a good night's rest. My experience tells me that the concealer should be a touch lighter then your skin tone, this brightens up you eyes and you look instantly more alive.  M.A.C's pro Longwear will offer you all the coverage you possibly need, it's just great. I've heard good things about Maybelline's Fit Me concealer and it has a great price. It will be my choice for summer time since my M.A.C concealer is too bright for summertime.

HD Microfinish Powder  - MAKE UP FOR EVER
NUDE illusion - Prime And Fine Translucent Loose Powder - CATRICE

A finishing powder is a special  powder that you apply after your foundation to get rid of shine and "set" it so that it lasts a long time. It can be tinted to match your skin or translucent. These two are translucid, and I do not own any of them. They have two very different prices but I've heard great things abou both. Recently I purchased one from Benefit's POREfessional line called the "Agent Zero Shine" that works has a finishing powder and I'm still trying it out but so far so good.

Brush On Bronze - THE BODY SHOP
Bronzer Powder - KIKO

A bronzer can be your worst enemy if you don't restrain yourself from using it. Follow these rules: never aplly it all over your face, only in strategic places and always use an appropriate brush, like this one from Zoeva that allows you to apply the powder with more precision. When it comes to bronzing powders you really don't need to spend too much money, you just need to decide if you want a matte or a lightning finish.

lollitint cheek & lip stain / BENEFIT

Some people don't wear blush well, some people don't really care about the way they look, but those who care have to wear blush. A "pinkish" glow makes all the difference in your look so forget about those "brownish" blushes, they just make your skin look dull. The ORIFLAME blush is so freaking cute, I just love those little pearls, they give out the most amazing "peachy" glow. BENEFIT'S LOLLITINT is on my craving list.

Mary-Lou Manizer - THE BALM
Powder Mineralize Skinfinish, "Soft and Gentle" - M.A.C

Six months ago I had only heard about this product. Six months ago I purchased an illuminator and now I'm a different person. Ok, maybe not a different person but a shynnier person. This is my favorite discovery from this leaning process, a true revelation. I really thought that "J-Lo glow" was something that she was born with, now I know better. Now I own M.A.C's "Soft and Gentle". Now I see the light.


Fixing your eyebrows is something I thought you only needed to do if you were on a photoshoot, because in real life it would make you look too artificial. Well this is not true. It's something you can do everyday, as long as you don't loose your head and exagerate your brows. You can have a natural result if you use products like these "mascaras". I've tryed Benefits gimme BROW and it's really good but very expensive, I'm looking forward to try out the less expensive version from Maybelline BROW drama to compare the results.

Shadow Insurance - TOO FACED
Perfecting Eye Primer - SEPHORA

Last but not least you should always apply eye shadow primer, this product allows you to have those amazing long-lasting smoky eyes. You'll see that the color of your eyeshadows will stand out and last whole day. It's a must!!! I have the one from Too Faced and I love it but there are many other options.

Next time we'll talk about eyeshadows, lipsticks and tricks...

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