quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

I have a confession to make

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 YOUTUBE is becoming one of my favorite social networks.
Two things stand out for me, beauty vloggers (yes, Vloggers not Bloggers) and daily vloggers


Make-up tutorials can be the best way to learn techniques and discover new looks you can wear and product reviews can be truly decisive in my decision to purchase a make-up product. There are many beauty vloggers but I tend to watch these girls:



There are all kinds of daily vloggers and I started watching those that have the most followers but now there is only one I follow daily: Casey Neistat. I recommend Casey vlogs because he is a true movie maker and his life philosofie is inspiring and it's the "kick in the a**" that I sometimes need. Just so you have an idea he has a tatoo that says "DO MORE" and his favorite day of the week is Monday and his least favorite is Friday. What is more interesting is that he has worked with Us Vogue a couple of times and I hope there are more collaborations in the future, meanwhile check out these videos:

Casey Neistat Has No Business Being at the Met Gala - Vogue

Instagirl: Karlie Kloss - Vogue

Life Explained in 27 Seconds


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