quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015

Yes, we're dating!

I have a feeling in a matter of a week or two it will be ok to start wearing sandals, or maybe it will rain as if the world is ending but I'll be wearing sandals anyway, ok? It's May Mr. Weather, wake the f*** up!

In order to be prepared for this seasonal change, from heavy boots to light strappy sandals, we have to be aware that the first few weeks will be utter torture. Your feet have forgotten how the straps from sandals can carve into your skin and originate open wounds that will take all summer to heal and they also have forgotten how to walk in shoes that are weightless, so you will walk like a duck in the first few days. To be honest, these are the least of your problems because you will only be able to think about how white your feet got since you last saw them in daylight, last October, they now reflect the sunlight and feel like they don't belong to the rest of your body.

To overcome all these problems you have to encourage your feet to "date" as many summer shoes as possible. These are my dates right now, We've been seeing each other a few times but nothing too serious for now... I'm not ready for a commitment.

\\ ZARA //

\\ EUREKA //

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