sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2015

Hysteria X H&M

There is a reason why you didn't see me talking about this BALMAIN X H&M craziness, I sensed that something like this would happen and the truth is that I'm over these collaborations.

Last year I experienced in first hand how unglamorous and truly pathetic this type of hysteria can be with the ALEXANDER X H&M collection. Let's get something clear, I LOVE BALMAIN and owning their iconic leather jacket is on my fashion bucket list for a long time, so I'm not complaining just because I didn't love this collaboration, I'm just having problems with these launches and the madness around them.

When these luxury brands work with H&M the consumer of fast fashion gets access to a world of glamour, status and exclusivity that is normaly out of their reach so it's understandable that the demand for these items is so massive. The problem arises when the frenzy around these collections gets so uncontrollable that all the glamour goes down the drain in the moment the doors open on launch day. People sleeping on the streets, running like zombies were after them, knocking hangers and pulling clothes, websites crashing and infuriated customers that couldn't get their hands on a single item from the exclusive collection, this is not cool - I repeat - NOT COOL.

If you go trough all of this to buy a dress and a t-shirt, or a pair of heels, where is the status associated with the french house of BALMAIN? I'll tell you, on the floor, just like your dignity. I, for once, value the whole experience of acquiring a special item, it stays with me and I remember it when I wear it. I don't want to remember how I knocked some girl to get the last Small size of that tailored blazer, or how I crawled on the floor to pick up that 400€ dress that fell out of the hanger with the frenzy.

When it comes to luxury it's not just about the design, the qualities of the clothes/accessories, it's about the experience you have from the moment you enter the store to the moment that you leave it with that beautiful bag that you regard as piece of estate.

I loved this collection, it was one of the best so far in terms of quality and design, although there was nothing new just just an adaptation of statements pieces from Rousteings BALMAIN, so you had good return for you money but there are somethings that we shouldn't do for fashion... unless it's Miu Miu then I'm all in.

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