quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2015

The future of fashion

Lately Youtube has been my choice of entertainment, I keep forgetting to check out blogs or websites and even magazines seem to be missing something. The British Vogue Channel on Youtube is one of my favorite channels, it has very interesting content. It's casual and light but recently they started uploading a documentary series called "The Future of Fashion" presented by Alexa Chung that explores various themes related to the state of fashion.

Alexa talks with designers, fashion students, journalists and others with her cool raspy voice with a sensability that shows that she trully understands the depths of fashion, she transcends the futile and narcissistic stereotypes typically associated with it.

The series has six episodes with the following themes: "How to break into the industry", "How to become a fashion designer", "Positive body image and diversity", "How to become a fashion buyer and what is a trend", "How Social Change Can Help the Fashion Industry Progress" and, last but not least, "Instagram & Social Media at Balmain with Olivier Rousteing".

Check out the episodes, they are really short so you won't get bored!

I can tell you that one of my favorite moments is when Olivier Rousteing tells the story of how he finally got the impulse to start pursuing his dream of working in fashion, it happened in Law school of all places, you can see why this is one my favorite moments of the series.
Like him, I always loved fashion, clothes, magazines, sketching but I never imagined that I could work in fashion, very rarely you think of fashion as a professional goal. I sometimes doubt myself because I think of how, in all these years, it never crossed my mind to follow this route until I was so far ahead in law, could this mean that maybe I wasn't meant to have a career in fashion? Well, if Olivier once was in the same position and now is head designer for Balmain I can rest all my doubts.

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