terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2015


This little egg shaped sponge is a shameless purchase I've made this week. I'm still processing the money I spent on this Beauty Blender. It's an obsession that came from watching far too many beauty vlogs but the truth is that this little sponge is as good as the hype around it suggests. You just have to follow the instructions:
1. Soak in water until it expands to twice its size
2. Squeeze out all the water with your hand and then a towel and...
It's ready to use!

You can find so many tutorials on how to apply foundation, concealer or any other cream products with this baby. What you get with the beauty blender that I feel you don't get with any foundation brushes is that radiant, healthy glow that your skin should have, thus making the results more natural. I often feel that after applying foundation my skin feels dull and heavy, even with the lightest foundation, with the beauty blender you just feel like your skin is brand new and free of products.

Can you get the same results with other blending sponges? (like this one or this onePerhaps you can, but everyone raves about the beauty blender when compared with other sponges that's why I decided to try it. Now that I made the investment and got great results I can try and find a dupe that satisfies me just as much, if I find it I'll tell you.

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