terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2015

The "Summer formula"

I would say that my summer uniform will reflect some of the decisions I made this last winter. I decided I would simplify, I would define my basic silhouette and buy lots of pieces that fit that silhouette. This meant I would loose less time in the morning deciding what to wear and I would eliminate those purchases of different items that I fell in love with but that didn't match anything I had in my closet, didn't match my personal style and would end up on a hanger in my closet. This way you're perfecting your own style and you will look and feel more focused.

So, what will be my summer look? Well, my formula will be this one:

I always feel I need simple basic tops and cool bottoms to face the "hot" season.  When I'm using intricate tops, with fancy fabrics and details I feel stuffed and overheated.
Zara has amazing basics that most people often forget to check out. The best thing is that you can buy any of these tops for less than 20€ and easily put a look together, for day and night. 

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