quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015

I'm mad

I'm mad because Zara made the perfect dress, the perfect silhouette, the perfect balance between a statement sleeve and simplicity. I loved the color, the cut out in the back and the detail of the string falling in the open back of the dress. I loved the dress until I tried it on.
I'm aware that I don't have the model figure but I never imagined that this dress in particular would be imcompatible with my body, nothing in the dress "rang the alarm" but has soon has I picked up the dress in the store my heart fell. It's a Knit dress, that kind of knit that sticks to your body in the most unflattering way possible making everyone, with the exception of Gisele, look bad. Sadness overwhelmed me because even though I hated to see myself in the dress I loved the sleeves so much. I played with them in the dressing room while I mentally said goodbye to this lovely ideia of a dress. The end.

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