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The "Festival Style" a.k.a The "Death of Individuality"

Well I've wanted to write something about this subject for some time but I've been putting it off because I know that most people won't necessarely understand or agree.

The truth is that I really don't appreciate all the madness around the "Festival Style". Around this time of the year you can't open any fashion outlet without being bombarded with "Festival Looks" galleries, editorials dedicated to the style or articles showing the best accessories and clothes for the music events. We've come to a point in time where the fashion houses make entire collections dedicated to these events, for example H&M has the "Coachella Official Collection and Topshop has the "Festival Collection". Well I'm not a fan of this.

You can argue that the same happens around other seasonal events that the majority of the population attends such has New Year's Eve, Christmas parties or even Summer parties. But what's different about these other ocasions is that the magazines or websites suggest different styles for different people, it's not mandatory that you wear a sequin dress in NYE or a velvet dress for a Christmas party. Those clichés are avoided at all costs by fashion outlets with one exception, the "Festival look", or should I say, the Boho-look.
I'm all in favor of a bohemian-look and I used to love peeking at paparazzi shots from celebrities attending festivals to see what they were wearing. These were the times where the Sienas and Kates would attend the shows wearing the coolest clothes, styled casualy with a pair of Hunter wellies. That's where it all begun but now we seem to be focusing more on the looks then on the shows. I get the sense that the music and the event lost all the attention and we now care more about the style of the people attending the event, that's not what fashion is about, you shouldn't get lost in your clothes.
We've lost all perspective and most of all we've lost a sense of identity, creativity and individuality.

Why is it that everybody has to put on a pair of cowboy ankle boots, high waisted jean short's, crochet crop-top's, flower garland's, round mirrored sunglasse's, fedora's and a lot of ethnic jewerly. Please don't do this unless you absolutly feel like this is a representation of your personal style, wear what you want, what resignates with the message that you want to pass on, what makes you most confortable and happy. If that is the typical Bohemian look then so be it, but if it isn't please BE YOU. Help make the "Festival looks" galleries less boring...

Let's end this "festival look" dictatorship. yep, the subject is that serious ahah...

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