sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2015

Beauty cravings

I've never been a "beauty addict" but that has recently changed and I now found myself choosing a Uban Decay Naked palette (I bought the Naked3 and i'm in love) over shoes... Who would have thought?!

These are my beauty cravings, I expect to satisfie some of these cravings in the next weeks. The M.A.C "Snob" lipstick, the Nars illuminator and the Zoeva Brushes are a top priority, I hope to buy the last two items in my trip next month. Fingers crossed.

While the sun doesn't shine my skin tone is turning into one of the fifty shades of grey. I'm transforming into a "walker" (walking dead reference, sorry), to fight that I desperately need a good self tanning product and I think this Claring gel is a good option.

To continue the fight against the zombie look I will need a great illuminator and blush and these colors from Nars and M.A.C will give me a healthy/alive color. I'm especially curious to try out the Nars illuminator that you can also use as a blush, I've read great things about it and I think it will be my go-to product in the summer, for when you don't want to have all that heavy make-up on your face but you still want that amazing glow.

Clarins \ Gelée Auto-bronzante Express
M.A.C \ Mineralize Blush - Gentle
Sleek \ Face form - Light
Nars \ Illuminator - Laguna

I'm spending all this money on make-up and forgeting that for these products to work it's essencial to have good quality brushes, that's why I'm investing in these gorgeous ZOEVA professional brushes, a german brand that promises that their brushes are animal friendly and handmade. The reviews of their products are amazing and the prices as well, this set will cost you 65€ and we're talking about eight brushes. 
I'm loving my Chanel foundation but since I'm new to the "make-up thing" I want to try other foundations after this one runs out. The M.A.C Studio fix fluid and the NARS All day luminous will follow the Chanel Velvet Lumiére and I hope the experience is just as good. Finally I had to include a product that helps shape brows because only recently I've discovered the huge diference a shaped brow makes in a make-up look, it's jaw droping sometimes. The Brow zings from Benefit is one of the brow styling products out there but there are so many that i'm still undecided about wich to choose.

Zoeva \ Rose golden luxury set Vol.2
Benefit \ Brow zings - Medium
M.A.C \ Lipstick - Snob
Benefit \ Roller lash mascara
Nars \ All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
M.A.C \ Studio fix fluid SPF 15 

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