quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2015

PFW in a nutshell... #2


Well Chanel is Chanel. They know how to put up a show and how to make sure they end up on every social network website but almost every time the clothes are not the center of atention, at least not for me.
You end up focusing yout attention on the set, the theme of the show, the Kendalls and Caras walking the runway, the front row and the mystical figure that is Karl Lagerfeld. You could argue that Alexander McQueen did the same thing, he would put on a show that would almost overshadow the collection but the truth is that this was never the case. You would always end up talking about the styling of the models, the fabrics and the construction of the clothes. In my opinion the "formula" has to be rethinked, it's getting old...

Christian Dior

The french "power-house" is in full power. the fashion world is in awe of the thigh-high vinyl boots that made their first appearance in the couture collection. Raf Simons explored the animal print and dissected it until it became so abstract that I almost missed it. This "Simmons / Dior Era" breeds excitement and a sense of freshness that has atracted my attention.


This is a dark, romantic, melancholic collection, or at least thats how I feel abou it. The blacks, the heavy feeling that velvet brings to the table and the beautiful, exotic, amazing face adornments.

Isabel Marant

I could talk about the ethnic prints, the high high waisted pants, the chiffon dresses paired with black heavy leather belts and boots or I could just say that Isabel Marants never disappoints the fashionistas of this world and always makes us wonder if we should spend our entire wage in a pair of boots.


Kenzo giving street cred to all the fashion lovers out there. Their clothes really fit that urban lifestyle and they continue to bet on the sportsware trend mixed with oriental inpired prints and silhouettes.


This is the brand you have to revere if you're a "rock chick" or a "Kate Moss wannabe". I have to admiti that Zadig&Voltaires aesthetic has a very special space in my heart and I'm really sweet for this collection. 

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