terça-feira, 10 de março de 2015

PFW in a nutshell... #1


My big crush every season, and this one is no exception, Chloé rocking the boho-chic look like no one else can. The understatement of the season would be for me to say that I would like to own every piece of clothing that Chloé designed for this season. This collection makes a smooth transition from the flowy bohemian spring summer collection to the the stiffness that winter clothes implie. The Chloé woman doesn't loose a bit of it's grace just because it's cold outside, that's for sure.


I can't say that this is my favorite work from Phoebe Philo but I think it's growing on me. slowly... I'ts not easy to spot the influences, I think it looks like a self-indulgent work from the designer that told Style.com that "The best part of this job is finding out more about myself,". I'm all about self- indulgence these days so, i'll give her a chance.

Stella McCartney

It's not easy to sum up this collection in 4 looks so I would definitely recommend a "trip" to  Style.com to see all the looks from the show. I tried to sum up the silhouettes and styles throughout the collection but all I really wanted was to show you the knits. Oh the knits made my day until I saw the winter macramé dresses, was that ever done?

Saint Laurent

All I can say about this is that I really wish Saint Laurents Hedi Slimane would conjure up something new. We've seen these type of looks every season and soon or later people will get tired. I'm tired and  I was a huge fan of the grunge revival... 


This leather jumpsuit is everything. I repeat, Everything.

Gianbattista Valli

Now, there is a sight for sore eyes. Love the styling, layering clothes like a pro is mandatory for winter and Valli is at pro-level. You can't be surprised for my love for this collection, there are sequins in day looks, graphic prints in pastel colors, furs and knee high laced up booties. It's what I call a "win-win situation".

To be continued... Chanel just presented its collection.

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