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Valentino Fall Winter 2015/2016

I've been summing up PFW in a nutshell but the Valentino show deserves our special attention. If I were Mr. Valentino (wich, let's face it, would be weird) I would be doing the "victory dance" every five minutes because landing the designer duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli is something to be very happy about. Yes, they have a signature style that is very solid but also very similar collection after collection, and that sometimes is not very positive. Well, this collection represents a turnaround, a new beguinning that solidifies the talent of the designers and the future of the Valentino brand.

Before we talk about the Aahhmazing clothes we have to point out the surprise appearence of the Zoolander characters that just made this show epic in every way.

Now the clothes... This is RTW but the sense of preciousness normally associated with couture is there but this does not mean that these clothes are meant to be kept in some closet, protected in bags or abandoned in archives, they are meant to be worn, they deserve it and we all deserve to be able to see them and touch them.

The designers were inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt, a painter that loves the female figure and romance, just like the italian designers. The novelty in this collection was the introduction of more casual looks, simple looks and plain fabrics that contrast with some of the more intricate pieces without loosing the thread. These looks prove that a romantic aesthetic can also be strong and that the Valentino woman has fifty shades of beauty.

The stars of the show...

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