terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

Trending // anti-consumerism

You know what is trending right now? The anti-consumerism movement.

Everyone wants to buy less and less and brands want to sell you more and more. I find quite amusing the way fashionistas rationalize this new trend, they don't decide to stop shopping, that's a crazy thought, they decide instead to start buying only special/quality garments that most of the times represent that exact consumerism they are trying to avoid.
Let's be honest, a bag is just a bag, it's just a place where you put your wallet, sunglasses, and sometimes whole life in, if you believe it's worth a substancial amount of money it's because you've been caught in the dream, in the consumerism wave, in the power of the brand and the marketing strategy behind it. Let's all accept that we are puppets and they are the puppeteers, no shame in that. It's better to know that then to really believe that we are freely embarking in the anti-consumerism movement and aspiring to buy less when it's actually a trend that will cost you some money.

The trends says "buy less" but the subliminal message is buy less "fast fashion" and more luxury goods wich is not anti-consumerism at all.


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