quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2015

The Suit

I definitely have something to say about this stament piece of the season, the suit. About four years ago blazers were all the rave, you could just put it on over everything, tshirts, tops, bras, pijamas and you would guarantee a stylish outfit.
I bought my first blazer in 2010 because before that I really couldn't care less about what was considered formal wear and because the ideia of wearing a pant and jacket suit was too overwhelming and frankly boring. I wore it to exaustion pretty much everywhere. After college the blazer became even more important, specially if you study law like I did, the blazer became my uniform and so I started buying more blazers with different colors, patterns, fabrics and silhuoetes until the day came that I just couldn't do it anymore and they were locked away.

Nowadays the idea of wearing a suit, of being head-to-toe in the same fabric and color is actually refreshing so I'm quite happy about this trend.

Wool-crepe slim-leg tuxedo pants and
Satin-trimmed wool-crepe tuxedo jacket

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